Keys for success

• What are the magical ingredients of success?
• How can we develop in us the qualities that drive success?
• What attitudes in us block success and how can we deal with them?
• How does success manifest in our life?
We will answer these questions in this 5 hour workshop, and will offer also some simple exercises to apply these notions in a practical way.

What is success?
Success is something that we all want, but most of us don’t really understand what it really is.
Success is not something that manifests just in the domain of business and career; true success manifests also in the domain of happy relationships, of family life, of intellectual development, of emotional fulfilment, of health... – it is a state of harmony and abundance in all aspects of our life.
Success isn’t something that we need to go outside of ourselves to find. It is an inner state which then creates the conditions for success to manifest outside us and around us.
In reality, success is our natural state, it is how we are when we are well-balanced and harmonious, free of self-inflicted inner barriers. In fact, we are investing a lot of energy in being-not-successful. If we would just learn to get out of our own way – the abundance of our nature will manifest and bring with it a sustainable success.

Qualities that drive success
There are qualities in us that characterize the state of success and which counteract those negative tendencies that block us in our endeavors. Among these qualities we can mention:
• Optimism
• Positive thinking
• Will power
• Relaxation
• Concentration
• Transfiguration
• Clarity of goals

Most people believe that we are conditioned by the qualities we were born with. This is not so. We can develop and empower any quality we choose – by understanding the mechanisms of our being, the essence of these qualities, and with the help of certain exercises.
In this workshop we will study some of these qualities and we will offer a few simple exercises to develop them.

What can I get out of this workshop?
• Tools and understanding for improving our success in life, in any field we choose: business, education, relationships etc.
• Have you achieved already some success in one aspect of life but discovered that it is on the expense of other aspects of life (for example a good career but unfulfilling family life)? If so, this workshop will show you how to create sustainable success which covers all aspect of life without sacrificing any of them.
• Does your journey for success feels like climbing up a mountain just to fall back down? That you can push yourself and get some success but after a while you get stressed and tired and you find yourself slipping back down? If so – this workshop will help you create the conditions for sustainable success which becomes your point of balance, which comes with a state of relaxation and not stress and which can be maintained indefinitely.

Is this workshop for me?
This workshop fits for both men and women, ages 18 and up.
It fits both for professionals and those interested in other domains then their career.
This workshop fits both for those with no experience in yoga, beginners or advanced practitioners of yoga.

1045-1100 arrival
1100-1300 seminar, part 1
1300-1400 lunch break
1400-1600 seminar part 2

About Arthur Lederer
Life coach and business consultant, former military officer, teacher of Tantra, meditation and Yoga with 16 years of experience.
Arthur believes that life is meant to be abundant, fulfilling and rewarding, and should be enjoyed as such. That the purpose of life is to continuously improve ourselves and to grow as human beings. That everything that happens to us represents opportunities for growth and challenges to overcome.

Practical Info
Address: Natha Yogacenter Odense, Torvegade 1, 3. Sal, Odense, Denmark

199 kr (149 kr for members of Natha Yogacenter) per person
Bring a friend or partner with you: 299 kr for both

Pay at the door: 249 kr per person.
Mobilepay: 59673, write "Keys 4 Success Odense + your names + emails"

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