Would you like to have deeper and longer orgasms? Would you like to have as many orgasms as you desire? But this experience is too short and too rare most of the time. How come some people experience very short orgasms lasting only a few seconds, while OTHER people speak about orgasms that go on for several minutes… or even hours?! Did they just get lucky in the genetic lottery and too bad for everyone else… or is there a way to learn how to increase our orgasmic capacity? Would you be curious to know how on earth this is possible? Is ecstatic happiness worth an investment of time and inner transformation using a precise methodology, quite simple but perhaps not exactly easy? Tantra reveals techniques that teach both men and women to ride the intense pleasure waves of orgasm, prolonging the experience and introducing the orgasmic state again and again! Many western couples, who have been exploring tantric lovemaking techniques, have experienced continuous peaks of orgasm and that this ecstatic happiness is available for everyone. The seminar is open for everybody and clarifies for both men and women the approach to the multiorgasmic experience in an inspiring guided talk by the tantric couple Emanuel and Sabina.

199,- (at the door)
149,-(until the day before)
Bring a friend: 199,- for 2 (until the day before)
For Natha members: 99,-
Attention, If you pay at the door we can not guarantee place for you since we have limited amount of places.

This event is a warm up event of the coming Aarhus Tantrafestival 2nd of June. ( Read about Tantrafestival in www.tantrafestival.dk/arhus-2018/ ) In case you already have ticket to the Tantrafestival you can join this warm up workshop with 20% disount:
Workshop ticket for ones already having Tantrafestival ticket : 109 kr (instead of 149 kr)
Bring a friend workshop ticket for ones already having Tantrafestival ticket: 139 kr (instead of 199 kr)

By joining this workshop you have also a possibility to get your Tantrafestival ticket with 20% discount
Single ticket to Tantrafestival: 280 kr (instead of 350 kr)
Bring a friend ticket to Tantrafestival: 440 kr (instead of 550 kr)
(Practically, you can get the discount ticket in the day of the workshop from the teacher.)

Sign up via Mobilepay: 59673, write "Multiorg Arh + your names + email"

Address & contact:
Aarhus NathaYogacenter VesterAlle 8 (Folkeoplysningens Hus) lokale 209, Aarhus

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