Do you know who was a teacher of Socrates? … It was a breath-taking woman called Aspasia. The ideas of this woman are at the root of Western philosophy, at the same time her feminine qualities like mysterious feminine magnetism, freedom and spontaneity were continuously and ravishingly climaxing.

Let’s discover together in our jobs, in our homes today in fact in our very selves the inspiring natural wisdom that is not nerdy, not dry, not masculine and organically connected to all what we are and all that we want to become.
Geniality starts with first, perhaps shy steps of learning to control our mind, orienting it and building with it patiently the reality we want to inhabit. We can do this self- sculpting work starting from inside our being by subtracting things that bring us down (worries, doubts, laziness) and adding the beautiful things that make us genuinely happy (staying focused for longer on contemplating beauty and being able to remember fulfilling experiences exactly at the right moment to disperse any clouds).

What will you learn in this workshop:
- A feminine approach to fascinating intelligence and wisdom
- About the soft power of the feminine
- Discover inspiring wise women of the past
- Concentration exercise
- Admiration exercise

199,- At the door

149,-(until the day before)
Bring a friend: 199,- for 2 (until the day before)
For Natha members: 99,-
Attention, If you pay at the door we can not guarantee place for you since we have limited amount of places.

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Address & contact:
Natha Yogacenter Aarhus, Vester Alle 8 (Folkeoplysningens Hus) lokale 209, Aarhus - - tel 2396 0668