Emotions are an intimate part of our life and the bricks from which we build the activity of our Soul.

We believe that we are logical beings, that we do as we think and as we decide. Research shows how wrong we are -for it is our emotions, not our thoughts, which drive our action. We do as we feel, not as we think or as we say.

Therefore, the importance of becoming aware of our emotions becomes clear because what we are aware of we can control, what we are not aware of controls us. It is astounding then that most of us place very little awareness on our emotions. We usually either run away from them, or just react on them. What we should do is just learn to listen to them, attentively, without needing to run or react, without thinking or judging, just listening for what they have to tell us. And they have so much to teach us indeed. When we start exploring our emotions with lucidity we gain unexpected and profound wisdom, a sense of deep happiness and inner calm, and an increased harmony in every aspect of our life.

It is when we start to put awareness in our emotional life that we stop the endless chase from future to past and back again, and start being in the Now. Yet for this we need to learn to just stop and listen, to observe without thinking. This implies learning to control the activity of our mind, the flow of our thoughts. This quality is learnt through meditation and mental training. In this lecture we will present the basics of this process, and will also experiment with a couple of beginner-level exercises.

The process requires some training and practice, but the rewards are great, for they allow us to become the person we truly wish to be.

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