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Summer Soul and Maha Vidya Kali Retreat in Denmark 2017

Dear Soul,
We invite you to our annual Summer Soul & Maha Vidya Retreat,
which will take place in our beautiful
retreat centre Paradise. 

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 Discover the power of the masculine and feminine play
- a retreat for both couples and singles!

We warmly welcome you to our annual Summer Soul Retreat.
This year’s retreat is a delightful 7-day journey into the game between the Masculine & Feminine Powers. Read more.


An Exceptional Polarity Experience with 5 Tantric Couples

We have invited five of our most experienced Tantric couples to create a life-enriching 7-day Polarity Experience,
giving you the unique chance to receive Training & Initiation in one of the cornerstones of the Tantric teachings.


This year’s Summer Soul will be built as an effervescent Polarity Retreat with masculine and feminine play groups as its nerves,
and a rich variety of interactions as its pulsating life.
There will be time for energy work, yoga, polarity tutoring & study, meditation & self-inquiry. 

There will be space to eat, enjoy and laugh together; space to create trust, intimacy and romantic connections, as eyes meet and bodies melt in sensual touch; to experiment and move closer together no matter how close you already are;
space to dance, perform & ravish, and receive expert guidance in Sacred Meetings,
while experiencing untold memorable moments in the World of Tantra. Read more.


In the following we have tried to answer the questions
which you might consider regarding this retreat.


What will I learn?

- How to map your own core challenges & qualities

- The game of polarity and attraction

- Ways to build more confidence, awareness and radiance

- Why the masculine seeks freedom & the feminine looks for love

- Why she is his biggest support AND his biggest challenge

- Why he is her best adviser AND her most scary need

- Keys to build real trust in love relationships and friendships

What will I get out of the retreat

- Igniting your inner power & passion for life

- More masculine stamina and stand-up power

- More feminine charm, beauty and awakening your inner Goddess

- Replacing dry concepts with ALIVENESS

- Honest heartfelt connections and new meaningful friendships

What will happen?

- Unique heart work and quality time together

- Creative playgroups on related topics with personal guidance

- Tantric energy sessions & polarity yoga in couples

- Relaxing and dining in the garden of Heavenly Pleasures

- Genuine tantric teachings and workshops


The retreat will take place in our beautiful countryside sanctuary, Paradise Retreat Centre.

The retreat will take place in the lush Danish countryside of Stevns, in Paradise Retreat Centre. The spectacular garden will be transformed for Summer Soul with various chill-out spaces and meeting places of unearthly delights. The main activities will take place in the old farmhouse granary, in the amazing, newly-renovated Valhalla Hall. 



Join us this summer!








If you sign up before 15th May, we offer you a 14 % EARLY BIRD discount price: 1870 kr (1610 kr for students of Natha) 

Sign up here


 We are happy to answer further questions, please call us on 2396 0668 or write an email to

 Once again, a very warm welcome to Summer Soul and a heartfelt open invitation for 7 days of intense Spiritual Holiday & Heart Work in a natural and relaxed unfolding of Life's Essence and Fullness.

We look forward to share and unveil this Polarity Experience with you.

Warm wishes,

Your Summer Soul Hostess,
Ines Honfi


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An extraordinary opportunity for practitioners of Yoga and Tantra 

The Maha Vidya Retreat is an extraordinary opportunity for all practitioners of Yoga and Tantra to receive initiations and to directly experience the reality of the Great Cosmic Powers starting this year with the first one: Kali
. Read more.


It is a wonderful gift and highly recommended for all students of Yoga and Tantra in Natha Yogacenter. All beginners of the 2nd and 3rd year are very welcome since it includes an introduction in the Maha Vidya System and details its paramount importance on the spiritual path. 

This year we celebrate the first of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers: Kali – the Universal Energy of Time and Transformation! Through the occult resonance with Her Gigantic Sphere of Power, we transform our perspective on Time and Eternity, Intensity of states, the Power of Now, Erotic Energy, Tantric Alchemy, and so much more. 



Kali teaches us to be aware of death – as a major ally on the quest to perfection – and to live our lives as fully and intensely as possible! Through the grace of the Great Cosmic Power Kali we release all ephemeral attachments and focus on the true eternal values in life, of which the most important is the love we share, that echoes in Eternity, beyond all limitations. 

Read more.

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The retreat is kept by Advaita and Adina Stoian, the founders of the Maha Vidya Retreats 

Advaita & Adina are students of the well-known yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, and each have more than 20 years experience of working with the Great Cosmic Powers. They are the highly-acclaimed authors of the worldwide revolutionary Tantra course of The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN.  



Join us this year in the Maha Vidya Kali Retreat!

If you sign up before 15th May,
we offer you a 17 % EARLY BIRD discount price: 1680 kr 

Sign up here

We await you in Paradise Retreat Center to share together the amazing mysteries of the Great Cosmic Power Kali. 

In order to participate in the retreat the initiation in Maha Vidya is needed.

Warm wishes, 

Natha's Event Team     


Nordre Fasanvej 230A, 2200 København N
Kontakt: 2396 0668,